What is resilience? Resilience, as we define it, is not a goal but a practice of living in right relationship to oneself, one’s community, and the larger living systems within which we are a part. Through the practice of right relationship we create concentric circles of resilience capable of not only flourishing but also of recovering with ease and grace when challenges arise.


Pathways to Resilience is an education, outreach, and community building initiative focused on addressing issues related to climate change through the fostering of local and bio-regional resilience. We offer regular three-session courses for individuals and groups interested in creating local communities of practice, or circles of resilience, that meet regularly to explore how they can cultivate resilience on personal, interpersonal, and structural levels within in their own communities and beyond.

The Need

The work of living in right relationship cannot be achieved individually, it takes a community or core group of committed individuals to support each other in the practice of resilience. Beyond simply communities of practice, circles of resilience are brave, contemplative, creative and embodied spaces that offer refuge through which we can engage in the healing and transformational work of re-membering. Such work is not so much about recollection as it is about re-establishing and re-storying (restoring) ourselves back into right relationship with our own authentic nature, each other, the environment, and the numinous (mystery, grief, awe, and wonder).

As older worldviews and their corollary operating systems connected to politics, finance, value structures, and ways of relating to the world become increasingly inadequate in solving the problems we face, the responsibility will fall on our shoulders, the peoples shoulders, to create spaces of refuge. Such spaces will need deep roots and strong branches in order to hold the turmoil that comes with the breakdowns that often precede the breakthroughs. Such spaces will need to be able to hold it all: all the pain, beauty, grief, joy, anger, awe, and confusion that comes with being human in times of significant change. We believe that such spaces, held by groups and communities that value love, beauty, and right relationship over fear, poses the power to create the generative alchemical containers necessary for discovering the solutions needed to many of the problems we face in our communities and world today.

The Call

The call of this program is simple. To gather together online for three sessions with three primary goals:

1. To give participants an experiential understanding of circle work and how it can be utilized and facilitated effectively.

2. To support each other in starting local circles that explore and encourage the practice of resilience on personal, interpersonal, and structural levels in our own communities and beyond.

3. To nurture a learning community that can exchange best practices as we grow and evolve together.

The History and Context of Circles

Circles of Resilience are based on a group facilitation methodology, which utilizes mindfulness, reflective dialogue, somatic (body) work, and expressive arts to inspire creative and engaged actions around personal and community resilience. Such circles have been used to build communities of support and practice for cancer patients, general grief work, folks living with chronic illness, as well as immigrants and refugees, people of color, youth, interfaith groups, environmental causes, intergenerational collaborations, artistic exploration, and community mobilizations. For our purposes the circle process creates a safe and brave space for groups to explore topics related to climate change and resilience that are on one hand structural and on the other deeply personal. Such circles open a space that welcomes the complexity of emotions (grief, joy, sorrow, gratitude, and anger) that can accompany such a topic and then works to channel such energies into creative and generative actions and solutions.

What to Expect

-You’ll learn how to facilitate circles that can be used to explore resilience and other issues related to the health and well-being of your community.

-You’ll walk away with a deeper sense and understanding of relational awareness and leadership.

-You’ll learn some basic facilitation skills, tools, and practices that you can use to help broaden your own and others connection to self, Earth, community, and the numinous (mystery, awe, grief, wonder).

-We’ll explore the role that grief, gratitude, and shadow play in our lives and ways to work with those elements to create space for possibility.

-You’ll gather some tools and resources for anti-oppression dialogues and explorations.

-And some tools and resources to nurture embodiment and creativity, which can also support the creation of culturally appropriate ceremony and ritual.

Answering the Call - Program Information

Each program consists of three, hour and a half long, Zoom calls. We limit the group size to six. We highly encourage folks to go through the program with a friend or peer in your own community. This isn’t a requirement but we do encourage it because it creates a system of support that is extremely helpful when you are just starting out as a facilitator.

Next Program - April: April 6th, 13th, and 20th.

Following Program - May: May 9th, 16th, 23rd.

Sliding scale tuition: $0-$200 (pay what you can). For those that can pay full, you will be helping those that can’t afford the opportunity to continue to have access to it!

For more information reach out to us at: info@cr-cl.org